Professional Concrete Mixer


Professional type of concrete mixer for every use where increased production volume and great strain are required. Reinforced at all critical points of wear. Ideal tool for any professional thanks to its trouble-free operation and reliability.

  • Reinforced mixing bucket of our patent, 2mm thick with bottom 2.5mm thick
  • Solid hoop in mixing bucket
  • Sturdy frame made of hollow structural section
  • Aid to the steel skeleton at critical points
  • Steel canopy frame with two lids for ease of use
  • Cast iron gears not plastic
  • Hollow structural section beam arm (not pressed tube) with 12mm blade and extra ring at the point of rotation
  • 35mm bucket shaft detachable not glued
  • Tapered bearings on the mixing bucket shaft for long life
  • Pillow block bearing with grease  nipples
  • Aluminum pulley with a grooved rim around the outside
  • Heavy duty cast iron reducer 1/3 weight reduction when emptying the material
  • Reinforced hub made of reinforced steel tube and not pipe in the mixing bucket
  • Base ready with holes for electric or gasoline engine
  • Height-adjustable base for stretching the drive belt
  • Large wheels with metal rim and solid tire for easy movement
  • Version with inflatable wheels and towbar (upon request)
  • Version with inflatable wheels and towbar (upon request)
  • Version with stainless steel mixing bucket for special applications (upon request)
  • Easy maintenance thanks to standard spare parts

Technical Specification

Capacity: 240lit


Height: 1.43m


Length: 1.55m


Width: 0.90m


Weight: 170kgr (without engine)