Mixing pumps – also called plastering machines or mortar pumps – of type PFT G 4 are suitable for all machine-standard dry mortars based on gypsum, lime and cement. The material container is separated from the mixing and pumping unit. The continuously and fully automatic G 4 can be started up and refilled at any time. It can be filled with bagged goods but also with a transfer hood directly from the silo / container or with an injection hood and PFT SILOMAT system. The PFT G 4 offers high conveying capacity and conveying distance and can be combined with the entire PFT machine program. The G 4 XL model is powerful yet compact. A particularly strong motor and pump power ensures that nothing is left to be desired on the construction site. The machine has a water pump that is designed as a pressure booster pump.

  • Higher pump and delivery capacity
  • Prepared for GPS
  • Phase sequence monitoring
  • Easy cleaning – rubber mixing zone with interchangeable flange for D and R pumps
  • Reinforced tubular frame and robust wheel mount
  • Forklift lugs and crane eyes
  • Wind deflector – reduction of dust exposure
  • Large control cabinet – easy to maintain and dust protection
  • Switches and connections are within the basic construction
  • Trouble-free operation thanks to the large fine water filter
  • Simple, quick and efficient – loading the machine with material:

-filling with bagged goods

-pneumatic filling from the silo using the PFT SILOMAT conveyor system

  • Flexible mixing intensity thanks to two water inlets
  • Safe transport thanks to four handles with folding mechanism
  • Perfectly maintenance-friendly – the water fitting and pressure switch are easily accessible
  • Idle safety in the material container prevents the machine from running empty
  • Gypsum / gypsum-lime plaster
  • Cement plaster
  • Twilight
  • Lime-cement plaster
  • Fango masses
  • Insulating plaster
  • Slot mortar
  • Masonry mortar
  • Self-leveling screed
  • Flow spatula
  • Adhesive / reinforcement mortar


Art.-No .:
with booster pump

Delivery rate max .:
85 l / min

Delivery distance up to: 30 m for DN25
50 m for DN35


Basic equipment:

Connected load:
400 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz, 7.5 kW
Control voltage: 42 V

Pump motor: 7.5 kW, 400 rpm
2-stage gear with tilt
switch Cell wheel motor : 0.75 kW, 28 rpm

Mixing tube:
rubber mixing tube with interchangeable flange

Mixing helix:
BIONIK G 4 machine plaster

Mortar outlet with mortar pressure gauge:
DN35 female part

2 swivel castors, 2 double-stop swivel castors

Water connection:
Geka DN19 (3/4 ") - 2.5 bar operating pressure

Operation and control:
start / stop including water pump control


Filling height:
910 mm

Container volume:
145 liters ~ 5 bags (each 30 kg)

Length / width / height:
1,200 / 720 / 1,530 mm

Total weight:
365 kg


Basic equipment package:

Pump unit:
D 6-4 · 20 l / min · 40 bar

hose : RONDO DN25 - 15 m

coupling : DN35 male part | DN25 male part

Water pump to increase pressure:
AV 1000
400 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz, 0.6 kW

Water flow meter:
150 - 1,500 l / h

Air compressor:
COMP M-250-V5 handy,
400 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz, 0.9 kW, 250 l / min -
max. 4 bar with pressure cut-off

Spraying device / fine plastering device : DN25-360 ° S14 200 Geka

Connection cable:
not included

Water / air hose:
DN12 (1/2 ") Ewo | Geka - 15 m

Brochure: Mixing pump PFT G 4 XL