PFT Swing M


Feed pumps take over the transport of materials to the processing site on the construction site. The feed pumps from PFT are suitable for the processing of all pumpable ready-mixed dry mortars based on lime / cement as well as for wet products, pasty compounds and liquid media. With the SWING PFT family, PFT meets a wide range of requirements. The PFT SWING M FC-230V is the smallest model in the series. The pump is operated with alternating current and has an electronic 1.5 kW direct drive. The delivery rate is infinitely variable. Thin, pumpable and solvent-free materials (bucket goods) up to a maximum grain size of 3 mm can be pumped, pressed and sprayed. The compact PFT SWING M FC-230V fits into every station wagon without dismantling.

  • Pump output continuously adjustable via potentiometer
  • Plastic material container – easy to clean
  • Cleaning nozzle in the material container
  • Variable delivery rate by changing the pump (B or C pump)
  • Small, light, handy, compact
  • Runs powerfully and reliably with luminous flux
  • Fast cleaning and maintenance
  • Fits in every station wagon without dismantling
  • Fits easily under every mixer
  • Optional: electric remote control
  • Lime-cement plaster <3 mm
  • Adhesive and reinforcement mortar
  • Fine filler
  • Finishing plasters
  • Emulsion paint
  • Betokontakt


Art.-No .:

Delivery rate max .:
0.9 - 9 l / min

Delivery distance up to: 20 m for DN25

Basic equipment:

Connection value:
230 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz, 1.5 kW

pump motor: 1.5 kW, 10 - 204 rpm

Material container:

Mortar outlet with mortar pressure gauge:
DN25 male part

2 swivel castors, 2 castors

Water connection:
not included

Operation and control:
pump output continuously adjustable via potentiometer



Filling height:

500 mm

Container volume:
38 liters

Length / width / height:
1,100 / 460/500 mm

Total weight:
70 kg


Basic equipment package:

Pump unit:
C 4-2 x 9 l / min x 20 bar

Mortar hose:
not included

Coupling reduction:
not included

Air compressor:
not included

Spray gun / fine plastering device:
not included

Connection cable:
not included

Water / air hose:
not included

Brochure: BAZOOKA® – PFT adapter system

Brochure: Conveying pump PFT SWING M