Double Concrete Grinder - Chameleon Sander


Lightweight and easy to use machine with a powerful engine. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable, relaxing and efficient work. Its low weight, reverse direction of rotation of the discs, low operating speeds and adjustable distance from the desktop create an ideal environment to cover large areas in a minimum of time with  excellent results.

Ideal for construction, insulation, facade.  For preparation and finishing of surfaces. 

Grinding, cleaning and polishing in one machine!

  • Versatile tool. Ideal for use on scaffolding.
  • Laying work. Low vibrations during operation. 
  • Lightweight for easy use due to complete engine-tool separation.
  • Powerful motor 1000 W.
  • Speed ​​adjustment for optimal use per application.
  • Large work surface (2x Ø 200mm).
  • Ideal combination with a broom for a healthy working environment.

Suitable for:

  • Grinding surfaces of concrete, stucco, plasterboard. 
  • upholstery removal, surface sanding of mineral wool and polyester, sanding of tiles,
  • use in the wood industry and many other applications. 

Technical Specification


Adjustable tool speed  (per minute)  150 - 570 rpm


Power 1000 W


Diameter Grinding plate 2 x Ø 200 mm


Weight 2.4 kg



Delivered in hard case with disk Ø 200mm and sandpaper No 16 (4 pieces)

Brochure: Double Concrete Grinder - Chameleon Sander