MULTIMIX 140 plus:

  • Easy handling
  • Minimal maintenance and cleaning effort
  • Self-cleaning mortar outlet
  • Phase inverter in the main switch
  • Opposing stirring hooks
  • Turbo mixer
  • Robust design suitable for the construction site
  • Height adjustable
  • Fits easily over a feed pump, such as B. ZP 3 or SWING

MULTIMIX 100/140:

  • Excellent
    mixing results thanks to the offset arrangement of the mixing arms with mixing blades and wall scrapers.
  • Quick cleaning
  • The mixing arms can be removed easily and without tools and exchanged individually.
  • Simple and metered filling
    This is made possible by the bag ripper on the protective grille.
  • Maximum security
    thanks to the lockable protective grille.
  • Central operating
    switch Provided with a quick stop button and a safety switch-off for the drum cover.
  • Solid and sturdy construction
    No door too wide and easily made it all the way to the top with the large transport wheels.
  • Easy to transport
    Problem-free loading by one person and fits into every station wagon.
  • Quick and easy emptying
    Whether in a bucket, mortar bucket or wheelbarrow, thanks to a segment pusher integrated in the drum base.