• Flow-optimized outlet
  • Integrated mortar pressure gauge
  • The output can be changed by changing the A, B and SD pump units as well as adapting the FC parameters
  • Easily dismantled into individual modules – motor with tilting flange: 30 kg

– material container with pump unit: 26 kg
– chassis: 64 kg
– mixing spiral: 3 kg

  • Equipped with external vibrator as standard
  • Flexible mixing intensity thanks to two water inlets
  • Easy to use for commissioning, retrofitting, maintenance and cleaning
  • Foldable engine
  • All-round sealing edge on the material container for accessories
  • Fits in every station wagon
  • Mounting position for rotor / stator assembly
  • Conical mixing tube for optimal material flow with built-in post-mixer
  • Large throw-in area
  • Runs powerfully and reliably with luminous flux
  • Extension funnel – for double the volume
  • Rubber mixing zone
  • Suitable for bucket and bagged goods