The horizontal PFT continuous mixers of the LOTUS series (also known as mortar mixers) continuously and fully automatically mix all factory dry mortars based on lime and cement (e.g. masonry mortar, joint mortar, leveling compounds, adhesive / reinforcement mortar). A special feature of the model is the dosing and mixing shaft as a unit without a central axis and with a rubber outlet made of one piece. The rotatable metering segment doubles the service life of the wearing part. The LOTUS XS FC-230V version is a small, handy mixer for bagged goods with an AC connection. The innovative special mixing shaft ensures homogeneous mixing with low engine power. The optimally placed water inlet minimizes caking and makes the mixer almost self-cleaning. The easy-to-use machine mixes all ready-mixed dry mortars based on lime and cement up to a maximum of 4 mm. The compact LOTUS XS FC-230V fits into every car station wagon.