The horizontal PFT continuous mixers of the HM series – also known as mortar mixers – continuously and fully automatically mix all cement-based dry mortars (e.g. masonry mortar, joint mortar, leveling compounds, adhesive / reinforcement mortar) into a ready-to-use material. The machine is characterized by all-round qualities, easy handling and a maintenance-friendly belt drive. Depending on the series version, the continuous mixers can be used either only with bagged goods or optionally with bagged or silo goods or only with silo goods. The version HM 2006 400V is a proven, particularly powerful continuous mixer for bagged goods. Alternatively, the machine can also be installed under a silo / container using a transfer hood. The HM 2006 400V is equipped with a rubber mixing tube and has an integrated control with a solenoid valve. Also available as 230 V and 400 V version.