Mixing pumps – also called plastering machines, plastering machines or mortar pumps – continuously and fully automatically process all machine-standard dry mortars based on gypsum, lime and cement with water. PFT offers several model series, including the RITMO family. The machine can be loaded with bucket or bagged goods, can be used as a mixing pump or pump and is operated with a KVA power generator. As a compact RITMO XL, the one-person mixing pump has a powerful drive and is specially designed for pumping, spraying and applying machine-compatible dry mortars, pasty materials and much more with a grain size of up to 7 mm. The pump output of the RITMO XL can be adapted to requirements by quickly changing the pump. Pneumatic filling is guaranteed via an optional injection hood. The extended scope of delivery of the XL includes a water pump as a pressure booster pump. Post mixers such as PFT ROTOMIX or PFT ROTOQUIRL can be integrated. Available as 230 volt and 400 volt version.